We would like to welcome you to the Animal Health Group based in Hardenberg, the Netherlands. The group consists of 4 cooperating divisions, who together optimize the performance of your animals.

Of course you are very committed to the welfare of your animals. You strive for the best care, housing, feed and treatment for your animals to achieve optimal results. Keeping animals as a profession is top sport and demands sometimes just that little bit extra attention to meet the highest standards.
Each day the Animal Health Group strives to deliver our highly valued customers the best service and products.

Since Agraplan became a member of the Animal Health Group they can count on the professional support of the veterinarians of Avecur – the poultry veterinarian practise within the group and support of the analysts of CLVP – the laboratory within the Animal Health Group.

The 4 divisions within the Animal Health Group are:

Agraplan – feed additives for poultry
CLvP – laboratory
Innovee – feed additives for ruminants
Avecur – animal Healthcare

Please choose one of the brands if you want to know more information.